What Does BLM Stand for?

Racism has always been a controversial subject. There are many different points of view on this topic. However, whatever the views might be, almost everyone concludes that humanity always comes first. Whether a person is white, black, African, American, Asian, or belongs to any religion in the world, they are equal and must always be seen as a human being first. Racism has always been present in the world, and no matter how many different campaigns are run throughout the world, there are almost 2% to 3% of people always that spread abuse, negativity, and problems throughout the world. The latest anti-racism campaign that began most recently is the BLM movement. The BLM stands for the Black Lives Matter movement. For more on this, click on this weblink.

What is BLM?

The BLM movement focuses mainly on the fight for freedom, liberation, and justice, especially for people who are usually neglected in society. The BLM movement initially began with the unfortunate death or, as some would say, the “murder” of George Floyd, who was strangled to death by police officers. George Floyd soon became the symbol for justice, and equality and thousands of people stormed their streets throughout the world to fight and protest against racism and inequality. Initially, the BLM movement began in some parts of America, but due to great interest taken by people from all over the world and primarily because this movement gained particular importance on social media, the movement became viral, and within a few days, the movement spread in all corners of the world.

The popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement

According to many reports, the Black Lives Matter movement became one of the most popular movements in the United States. The New York Times reports that the protests gained so much pace and attention that eventually, the movement turned out to be the most massive movement in the United States of America’s history. According to other reports, the movement is also considered one of the world’s most massive movements. Around 20 million people from all over America have participated in the Black Lives Matter movement’s protests. People initially thought that the movement would fade away with time. However, it has been more than four months since the killing of George Floyd, and the movement is still as valid and as relevant as ever before. This has been mainly because people have always supported anti-racism movements, especially on social media. This speaks on how important social media has become and the impact this platform could have, provided that it is used in the right and a more effective manner. The BLM movement looks to set the trend so that no other offender gets away with acts of racism, whether they be small or big in magnitude. The BLM has indicated how people can come together and fight against inequality in this world.

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