What’s the all the Hype with Natural Deodorant?

You have probably heard the name natural deodorant. The question you are likely to ask yourself is: “What is a natural deodorant?” Check out the deodorant subscription for more information.

Natural deodorant is made from natural products such as plant extracts. They work differently from normal deodorants. Normal deodorants contain aluminum that blocks sweat ducts from eliminating sweat from the body. On the other hand, natural deodorants neutralize the sweat odor from the body giving you a natural scent.

What are the advantages of using a natural deodorant?

  • Has natural products that are good for the body. Unlike the unnatural deodorants that contain chemicals such as aluminum, natural deodorants are made from plant extracts such as plant oils.
  • Natural deodorants do not block sweat ducts. They control the smell of sweat by neutralizing the odor produced from bacterial sweat. Sweating is a natural metabolic process and should not be stopped from taking place. It should be controlled.
  • Favorable to allergens. Natural deodorants have a mild fragrance hence suitable for people with strong scent reactions. Lactating mothers are assured their babies are safe from allergic reactions caused by strong scents.
  • Made up of vitamins such as Vitamin A that is fat-soluble to the body and beneficial for normal vision, a good immune system, and improved reproduction.
  • Rarely stains clothes on the under armpits. Stains occur when sweat reacts with salts such as aluminum. Natural deodorants are made of oils as the larger component and this does not stain clothes.

Components of natural deodorants and their benefits

Coconut oil

Coconut oils soothe irritated skin. In case you have been using chemical-based deodorants and your underarms are irritated, coconut oil in natural deodorants gives a soothing effect.


Lightly scented. Gives you a good light scent to keep you smelling fresh all day. Friendly to asthmatic individuals as the reactions are mild.

Corn Starch

Used to absorb moisture, giving an individual a comfortable dry feeling. Kills the bad bacteria that causes one to have body odor. It is a good natural extract as it is made from corn and not processed.

Disadvantages of natural deodorants

  • Unfortunately, natural deodorants are not suitable for everyone as some prefer having scents in addition to minimal sweating odor. People with highly concentrated sweat prefer to use something strong for their own comfort and self-esteem.
  • They do not come in antiperspirant form. They only work by neutralizing sweat odor produced by the sweat bacteria. On the other hand, antiperspirants block sweat ducts preventing sweat from coming to the skin.
  • Despite the hype that natural deodorants are chemical-free, too bad they have some chemicals to act as preservatives as natural components on their own go bad quicker. However, the chemicals used in natural deodorants are not as harsh compared to unnatural deodorants.

In conclusion, weighing the pros and cons, it is better to use natural deodorants compared to those with aluminum salts. With a well-balanced diet, good hygiene, and adequate water intake, one is guaranteed to feel comfortable with a lightly scented natural deodorant.

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