How Much a Private Investigator Costs

By description, an investigator is someone who carries out a formal inquiry or investigation. Professionally an investigator has to be honest, trustworthy and have all the professional skills that qualify he/she to be an investigator.

Professionally one has to keep safe the client’s information and safeguard it. However, getting the services of a professional investigator is not an easy thing and in some cases it’s costly.

People often wonder how much does it take to hire a professional investigator. Fees charged to get the services of an investigator to vary depending on the services they offer to clients.

The level of training and experience is also a factor in determining how much it will cost to hire an investigator. Since one doesn’t up an go straight to seek for the services of an investigator, of importance is to know what it’s needed before hiring an investigator.

If you live in Australia and need the services of a detective, you are very lucky. In Australia, there is a private investigator agency called “Infidelity Private Investigators”. This is a very old agency with a large staff and extensive experience in investigations. You can call them and ask any question you need.

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There are a lot of factors one has to know in order to have a clear picture of the entire investigation process incase investigative services are required. Here are some of the factors that help someone know how much an investigator costs:


Knowing how experienced an investigator is is very important in knowing the cost of having his or her services. If an investigator is highly trained and has a lot of experience in that field, then obviously he will cost you more compared to someone with no experience.

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The investigation sector is a growing business and there are a lot of investigators now compare to 10 years ago. This means that every investigator has specialized in one area of interest where he/she is skilled best.

This also is a factor in knowing the cost of an investigator. For example, hiring an investigator to investigate cheating among couple is cheaper as compared to hiring one to investigate a murder.


People want to hire investigators with all the qualifications. This means that to get the services of a qualified and skilled investigator it will cost you money.

A good investigator should have all his/her qualification documents and a license permit showing that he/she is legalized to provide the services to clients.


The amount of money one wishes to spend throughout the entire investigation period determines if one will have a good skilled and experienced investigator or not.

The big firms allow you to have the best investigators in your case who have specialized in only that area. However, this also as a factor to consider will be expensive compared to the small firm investigators.


In knowing how much it costs to have an investigator work for you, it is important to know what they charge hourly and it that rate changes.

Are there more additional fees in case there is need to run some background check, is there a vehicle registration search fee etc, all this are all the variables one need to put into considerations.


Also the price of the services of a detective can be influenced by the equipment he will use. Professional equipment can cost a lot of money. See a list of tools that detectives use in work, you can see in our last post.

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In order to genuinely know how much it will cost you to get the services if a good investigator, one should first
put all the above factors into considerations.

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