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A detective is a person, whose occupation is to investigate and solve crimes. He does these through gathering physical evidence, searching records in databases, and talking to witnesses. Detectives examine and evaluate leads in order to unearth the situation of the case or crimes being investigated.


Being a detective requires preparedness going into a crime scene or to collect some kind of evidence. Any situation may arise in the field and as a detective, you would want to be ready with the following spy detective equipment.

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1. Binoculars.

If you are collecting information out in the field you need to get a closer look of what’s going on but at a distance that your target can’t notice you.

2. Camera.

You will need to capture real-time photos and videos. With the camera, you should have a charger, backup battery, and a power bank. You can’t estimate the time you will need to keep an eye on your target so you need to be ready in all the possible ways. You can have mono pods and tripods to help record steady shots without having to hold your camera for long periods.

3. Evidence Collection Bags.

As a detective going to a crime scene, an evidence kit is essential to keep any kind of evidence or anything that can be used to solve a crime like some, fingerprints, blood stains, and hazardous bags too. Very alert response officers should be there too in case of any situation.

4. Notebook.

As a detective you will need to take some notes every now and then .any kind of markers like spray paint, chalk, and business cards should be present at all times.

5. Additional food and water.

As a detective, you might need longer hours than expected to stay in a single position. Extra food help keep you focused on your target and no loss of time .the detective should stay there until the surveillance ends. A sleeping bag would also be necessary for this kind of situations.

6. Magnifying glass.

It’s very important to help the detective capture the very fine details that you can pick up with naked eyes.

7. G.P.S or a proper satellite navigational system

This helps a lot since a detective is likely to visit new places all the time. Paper maps or Google maps on smart phones are quite essential.

8. Recording equipment is vital in any investigation.

They are good while talking directly to witnesses or recording things as they happen without attracting attention.

9. Phone and computer equipment.

These help much in searching on line databases and Internet search. They are a source of good information and background checks for your targets.

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The above stated private investigation gadgets are essentially what a detective requires. Even with some countries not recognizing detectives from judicial processes and courts; it’s a very core occupation. Detectives have professional independence.

They choose the time they want to work and the cases they accept. To be a private investigator you might need to take some degree course or higher level learning in any of the following positions:

  • Law enforcement officer
  • Military public officer
  • Public defender’s office
  • Insurance adjuster

There are some videos with different education about detectives and private investigation that you can also check out.


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