Pillow ideas: how to decorate with throw pillows

Throw pillows are those small pillows that are primarily used for decoration. Throw pillows for decoration come in different colors, shapes, and patterns. They are used to add color and improve the style of a bedroom, living room, a lounge, and indeed any part of the house. I hope you will not be surprised to hear that these small, stylish, and colorful pillows can also be used in the kitchen. Throw pillows or accent pillows can be placed on benches, sofas, footrests, beds, and any chair at all. Are there any chairs in your kitchen? Then you might have to start thinking of putting throw pillows on them. 

Most decorators use them because they (the decorators) feel it is the cheapest and most portable equipment that can be used to improve the overall look of a room magically. And they are totally correct. A homeowner could easily swap a color or pattern of a throw pillow for another, and Voila, his or her house has an entirely different look. 

They give a room – especially a sitting room, a look of maximum comfortability. So if you feel that your living room looks too static or lifeless, one or two colorful throw pillows could do the trick. 

Now that you already know all you need to know about throw pillows, I want to give you tips and ideas on how to utilize their beauty and purpose into turning your house into something straight from Hollywood. 

Number one and the most important rule is not to place too many throw pillows in a room. You don’t want to get into a quarrel with a non-pillow person because your throw pillows are uncomfortable.

Having said that, I will now give some throw pillow ideas. Are you ready?

Three ideas on how to decorate with throw pillows. 

  • Place them in odds: since we were talking about the number of throw pillows that you should put in your living room or bedroom, I have decided to throw more light on it. Most decorators use odd numbers when placing throw pillows. They either place one on the two sides of a sofa and put one in the middle, making it a total of 3 pillows. Or they place two pillows on either side with one in the middle, making it five pillows. However, if you feel that using throw pillows in their even numbers suits you more, be my guest. 
  • Use pillows with different patterns but the same color: this throw pillow decorating idea is to buy the same pillow color but with different designs. The pillow pattern could be dotted, chevron, stripe, flora, or any other pattern. Imagine placing a dotted blue and white pillow together with plain blue pillows on a white sofa, fantastic, right? Yours can be mind-blowing too, be creative.
  • Go for a matching color or pattern: you can also decide to use the same color, print, or texture for your throw pillows and your sofa or bed sheet. This will put orderliness in your room. 

The only thing stopping you from coming up with mind-blowing ideas for your throw pillows is your imagination. The opinions I mentioned above are beautiful but also very common. You should make up something and show the world. We are waiting!

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