Interesting Facts About Instagram You Should Know About

After its launch in 2010, Instagram became a sensation for social media users. It’s one of the largest social networking sites, as it has a 700 million user base. Users can share their moments by crafting creative videos and photos that are visible to their followers around the globe. Numerous users do not post a single post on Instagram, but still, actively use the site daily. These silent users are attracted to Instagram as it allows them to view current trends in fashion, lifestyle, etc.

At the same time, businesses highly value Instagram as it’s one of the best advertising platforms in the digitized modern world. Marketers relied on influencer marketing and sponsored ads to sell their products. Firms try to maintain aesthetically appealing feed through eye-catching creatives. As a result, increasing followers play a vital role in the success of firms’ digital presence on Instagram. It would be best if you boost followers on Instagram to get the widespread reach of your feed around the globe.

Company Worth

As per statistics in 2018, Instagram is worth more than $100 billion. Instagram continuously adds new features to its platform that engages users. For instance, it drafted a story feature that its users appreciated. If your Instagram Windows app is not working properly, you need to close it and open it again.

Popular Food Items on Instagram 

The most shared food item on Instagram is pizza. Many users and influencers share their food images on the platform, which yields creative content. Similarly, many users share their diet experiences with others, including a list of healthy food items. It sparks a trend of eating healthy food items to maintain a lean body. Did you ever share a healthy eating tip on Instagram?

Amount of Instagram users in India

Can you imagine that Instagram is very popular in India, as it has a user base of 230 million?

Users love Hashtags

Instagrammers use various hashtags in the captions of their posts. Hashtags allow posts to attract a larger set of audience. Did you know that #love is the most used hashtag on Instagram ever? It has been used 1.8 billion times! Analysts encourage users to include hashtags in their every post.

Celebrity with the highest number of followers on Instagram 

Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous Portuguese footballer, has the highest number of followers on this platform. He has 475 million followers under his belt. Users are on the constant run to increase their followers on Instagram. It gives them a sense of pleasure after having more followers. Did you know that organic followers have the best post reach on Instagram?

Most liked post on Instagram

It was a photo of an egg that gained 56 million likes on Instagram. 

Facebook acquires Instagram

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. Moreover, Facebook surprised the market by acquiring a new platform. At the moment, their decision was strategic as they linked it with Facebook, which has done wonders for both platforms.

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