How to Stop Cyberbullying on Your Own?

Critics and haters are actually a norm, and you can just ignore them. But bullies are a different case. These guys can be a pain if they get on your nerves. They comment about what you wear, how you behave and what stuff they are not good at, and everything else that is supposedly wrong with you. Therefore, maybe you should learn how to create an anti-cyberbullying campaign by means of professional advice or some services, or tackle the problem head-on. It can be tiring, frustrating, and feel like the end of the world. But it’s not so. It’s just the beginning of a fresh start because you are about to say “goodbye” to bullies.

This article shows you the ideas and strategies that you can immediately apply in your life to eliminate energy-sucking naysayers. Some of them are obvious, but we need constant reminders of the actionable steps that ought to be taken to avoid future pain.

Online strategies

  1. Use the silent treatment

The best way to kill the conversation is not to have one. Disengage from the comment box of bullies. Avoid those people. This is counterintuitive to what most people do. Most people would dive towards the engagement and bark out insults. The best thing you can do is not to deny the emotions, but to channel them to other things. You have a life and if we evaluate your energy on a scale, we can agree that going after your goals is a much better strategy than rattling with some random hater on the internet. You can use your time and focus on greater things.

Another grand strategy is to mull over what you are about to do. Ask yourself, “What is the outcome I can get from this person? How can I use this feedback? What kind of response do I want? Is this the person I want to be like?”

  1. Report post

We assume that posts on Instagram and Facebook have a three-dotted icon at the top right. If you find a post that is offensive to you or any other person, take the initiative to report the post. There’s a huge possibility that the internet service providers or the social platform teams will respond accordingly.

Offline strategies

  1. Be yourself

We are talking about the real authentic you. Not you that are ready to please everybody at the expense of your happiness. You should not give up dance classes or chess classes just because it is not cool anymore. It should be way cool to you before everyone has an opinion. Bullies attack people who lack clarity in what they want in their lives. They attack fakes. The message is you shouldn’t be fake. Do not give up the things that make you happy.

  1. Find your squad

This means that you join a club or class that strives for similar interests. Here, you will not be forced to be someone you are not. Despite a million flaws, these people will find ways to cope with them. This is because of your shared values and beliefs. This inner bond creates a line of defense before any bully infiltrates your space. And this happens without lifting a finger.

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